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Why join

Speak for Success is an annual membership program designed to help you build your speaking confidence and communication skills alongside a supportive community of coaches and like-minded emerging women leaders. By registering for this program, you’ll have access to ongoing support, training and resources for an entire year.

Practice your skills on an ongoing basis under the guidance of a professional coach & facilitator

Small groups (5-10 per session) which means lots of opportunities for practice and feedback

Be part of a growing community of supportive women (over 100 members, and counting!)

Build your professional network by connecting with other ambitious, well-connected women

On-demand access to +60 lessons when you need it most (like right before that big meeting)

Get credit! Receive your certificate in Public Speaking & Communications

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🏁 When you’ll start

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How you'll practice

The best part about joining the Speak for Success community is that you get access to ongoing opportunities to practice your public speaking and communication skills in a fun, safe and supportive environment.


In the first 20 minutes, we’ll take you through a specific framework from our curriculum. It’s all about setting the foundation! Then comes the exciting part – the rest of the workshop is all about learning by doing. You’ll have the chance to put the framework into practice by speaking with your partner, and if you’re feeling up for it, in front of the wider group.

Office Hours

Join us for Office Hours, the perfect opportunity to ask work-related questions, share challenges and learn from each other’s experiences. These informal discussions are all about creating a supportive environment where we help each other learn, grow and accelerate at work.

Power Hours

These immersive sessions are all about thinking on your feet! You’ll have the chance to respond to spontaneous ‘pop’ questions from your partner and the rest of the group. Plus after each round, you’ll receive feedback from your peers and our awesome facilitator to help you continue to improve.

Special Events

Every so often, we’ll host a networking event, invite a guest speaker, or organize an in-person meet-up. These special events are all about building connections and learning concepts that might not fit neatly into the ‘public speaking’ bucket but are super important in the workplace.

🎤When you’ll train

Our Practice Sessions are the best part of the program (at least, we think so!). These fun, highly interactive sessions will give you plenty of opportunities to learn, practice, make mistakes and get helpful feedback from peers as well as the facilitator.

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Note: We’ll be adding more Practice Session dates over the course of the year.

📚What you'll learn

We’re here for the day-to-day communication skills that matter most. We cover the following topics throughout our curriculum as well as during our live, workshops so you can actually apply what you’ve learned.

Part 1: Building Confidence & Presence

Part 2: Public Speaking & Presenting

Part 3: Interpersonal Communication

🎒What's included

Want the hard-and-fast facts on what this membership program looks like?
You got ‘em. By joining, you’ll get unlimited access to the following benefits for an entire year.

Practice Sessions

Over 30 hours of live, professionally facilitated small group training sessions (2-3/month) where you can practice and hone your communication skills alongside the wider community.


9 modules of over 60 on demand lessons that breaks the training down into easy, manageable steps.

Templates, Scripts, Frameworks (etc.)

+25 templates, scripts, frameworks, checklists, and videos to give you the practical tools and techniques you need to excel at work.

Learning portal

Our online platform gives you on-demand access to all of the materials, so you can review them the second you need it (like before that big meeting).

Member Directory

Access to over 100 members (and growing!) who like you, are there to learn, grow, and support.

Women@Work Discussion Forum

A forum where you can post questions, comments and discuss topics related to communications, leadership and the workplace.

1:1 Coaching

Access a more personalized public speaking and communications training experience through 1:1 coaching at 10% off. (1)


By completing all of the modules you’ll be eligible to receive your certificate in Public Speaking & Communications.

¹1:1 coaching is available at reduced rates; rates may vary between coaches

📈What you'll invest

💡 Did you know? Developing public speaking and communications skills is the #1 way to boost your career value.1   We know how important it is, which is why we’ve made our program:

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🛠What you'll need

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