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If you’re ready to say goodbye to speaking anxiety and all the stress, sweat, shaky hands, and self-doubt that comes with it, then you’re in the right place.

🎟  Our new Membership Program launches February 2022. Spots are limited so register to reserve yours today.

Communication Skills Training For Major Workplace Confidence

Speak for Success is an annual membership program designed to help you build your boardroom confidence and communication skills alongside a massively supportive community of industry experts, coaches, and like-minded young professionals. By registering for this program, you’ll have access to ongoing support, training and resources for an entire year

Why Register

Increased Confidence

Improved Leadership Skills

Career Advancement

🏁 When You’ll Start

Our membership program launches in February 2022, starting with our New Member Orientation 🎯 on February 16th, from 4-5pmEST. Spots are limited so reserve yours today.

👩🏻‍💻 What You’ll Get

Want the hard-and-fast facts on what this membership program looks like? You got ‘em. By joining, you’ll get unlimited access to the following benefits for an entire year:

Learning Portal

Our very own online platform that gives you direct access to all of the program resources. It's where you'll access all of the lessons and workshops as well as network, post comments, share resources (and more) with other members of the community.

Drop-In Workshops

Practice your public speaking and communication skills during our live, drop-in workshops so you can apply what you’ve learned. Each workshop is highly interactive, professionally facilitated and focuses on a specific skill - so come ready to turn your camera on, unmute yourself and practice all in a fun, safe and supportive environment. See the full schedule here.

On-Demand Lessons

With 9-modules of over 60 on-demand lessons, you’ll be able to learn the strategies, techniques, and tactics you need, when you need it most.


Goal-oriented? This certificate is for you. By completing all of the lessons and challenges, you’ll be granted a certificate of completion, plus you’ll receive something special in the mail from our team.

Resource Library

On-demand resources with over 30 templates, scripts, frameworks, checklists, and videos (with new content being added each month) to give you the practical tools you need to kick-ass at work.

Community Support & Member Directory

Tap into the expertise and network of the community by practicing with other members, asking for feedback, introductions, advice, and more so you can get ahead.

1:1 Coaching²

Get a more personalized public speaking and communications training experience through 1:1 coaching at a reduced rate.

¹Available to those who complete all of the lessons and challenges 
²1:1 coaching is available at reduced rates; rates may vary between coaches

📚 What You’ll Learn

We’re here for the day-to-day communication skills that matter most. We cover the following topics throughout our curriculum as well as during our live, workshops so you can actually apply what you’ve learned.

Part 1: Building Confidence & Presence

Part 2: Public Speaking & Presenting

Part 3: Interpersonal Communication

🧾 What You’ll Pay

Did You Know? 💡 Most one-off communication courses cost $1,500 – $2,500 per person and one-on-one coaching can range anywhere from $130 – $250 per hour. Yikes! But we believe that this type of training shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. That’s why with us, you’ll only pay $32USD per month*

We’ve designed a learning experience that’s affordable and fits within the average professional development budget. So don’t forget to ask your manager if you can expense this training fee.

*Billed annually. Refund available within 10-days of purchase. Terms and conditions apply.


per month* 100% risk-free

📆 When You'll Practice

With us, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn, practice, make mistakes (a lot of them!), and get helpful feedback. Here are all of the upcoming opportunities you can practice your speaking skills with us in our live, drop-in workshops starting in 2022. Plus, we’ll be adding even more dates and times in the new year.

🛠 What You'll Need

Ally Anderson

Digital Marketing & SEO Specialist

This program was exactly what I needed. It was a comfortable environment to learn, make mistakes, and grow. The lessons gave practical tools and structure so I can keep practicing and developing my communication and speaking beyond the workshops. And, the supportive community was icing on the cake!

Maria- José Araujo

Creative Specialist at entrepreneurship@UBC

“As someone who has struggled with public speaking my entire life, taking this program was very eye-opening in many ways. To learn public speaking is a skill that can be learned and improved rather than something we are born with gives me the hope, momentum, and courage to try and get better! Speak for Success was great because it created a very safe judgement-free environment to improve while also teaching many tips, tricks and learnings to help build that confidence!”

Kathy Wong

Senior Recruitment Consultant, Walters People

Speak for Success provided such a positive and supportive environment for their students, encouraging them every step of the way. The feedback provided was so useful in taking it back to the workplace to apply. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to work on their communication skills!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We’ve designed this membership program for people just like you. It was created with the guidance and support of registered psychologists who know just how real your anxiety is. It will guide you to move through your anxiety through training and practice opportunities that are psychologically-safe. (No trial-by-fire. No judgement. Nothing gross.) And, the self-paced nature of the program also allows you to move through the training at a comfortable pace.

Our membership program is self-paced because, straight up: you can’t become a better speaker in a weekend. One-and-done training either gives too much information or an underwhelming amount. And, there’s almost never enough time to practice. Our program lets you move through your training at your own pace, attending as many (or as few) drop-in workshops as you need, so you can absorb and practice each technique before moving on to the next. And, we pair online learning with live, group training and ongoing community support so you get to make measurable improvements every single month and also know that the skills you’re learning are deeply ingrained.

No! You can attend as many (or as few) drop-in workshops as you’d like, although we do encourage you to try and attend as many as you can to get the most out of our time together. 

Because you can move through our training at your own pace, it’s really up to you. But we recommend investing at least 4-6 hours per month so that you can really absorb what you learn. And, so that you have ample time to put it into practice. If you learn something in a weekend, you’re likely to forget it just as fast. We want to see you succeed for life. The more time you invest, the more results you’ll see, and the farther you can take yourself.

Yes! Our students report that practicing virtually is not only more convenient but research shows that when it comes to soft-skills training, the method of delivery does not significantly impact the learning experience. The bottom line? Virtual training is an effective way to practice and improve your public speaking skills.

At the moment Speak for Success offers training exclusively online, although once COVID-19 restrictions fully ease, we will host select workshops as well as special events in key cities. So stay tuned for an in-person event coming to a city near you!

The fear of public speaking (glossophobia) is a form of social anxiety that can be managed through a science-based approach. Since our primary goal is to increase boardroom confidence and reduce feelings of nervousness and anxiety, we wanted to ensure that our approach was grounded in science and backed by experts. We wanted to make sure it would actually work! That being said, this program is not a substitute for professional help.

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