Help your team become more confident, skilled speakers.

Help your team become more confident, skilled speakers.

We’re on a mission to build the next generation of confident, diverse emerging female leaders.

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Speaking anxiety is a mental health issue that can be addressed through training and support.

Every year, millions of young professionals across North America will assume new leadership roles and are required to communicate more than ever. Customer calls, meetings, pitches, team management—these new leaders have to speak publicly, But…

Research shows that around 70% of them will experience ongoing feelings of nervousness, anxiety and self-doubt triggered by public speaking [1]

Left unmanaged, that anxiety can lead your team to:

  • Avoid leadership opportunities​
  • Experience burnout​
  • Miss work
  • Quit altogether 

In addition to the negative impact on mental health, it can also affect how employees communicate with peers, management, customers, and clients. Putting them at risk of being branded as nervous, unprepared, untrustworthy, or lacking in credibility. 

As a result, each year it’s estimated that organizations lose $11,076 per person, per year stemming from lost or reduced productivity in the workplace [2].

We can help your team improve their speaking confidence.

We’ll support your team of emerging leaders so they’re ready, willing, and able to say ‘yes’ to those high visibility projects and important leadership opportunities that require public speaking and strong communication skills so they can: 

The result? A more confident, skilled, and diverse pipeline of talent.

Learn how we can support your team.

If your team is ready to say goodbye to speaking anxiety and all the stress, sweat, and self-doubt that comes with it then you’re in the right place

So Much More Than Public Speaking

We focus on the practical, day-to-day communications skills that matter most in the workplace. The topics we cover include:

Building Confidence & Leadership Presence

Public Speaking & Presenting

Interpersonal Communication

Our Training is Fun, Psychologically Safe and Supportive

We know speaking can be intimidating. That’s why we made our training fun, safe and super supportive. So your team can feel comfortable:

  • Exploring their  abilities and putting their new skills into practice 
  • Getting out of their comfort zone by trying new techniques 
  • Making mistakes (lots of them!) and receiving feedback for how they  can improve

…all in a low-stakes environment under the guidance and support of a facilitator.

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