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Speaker Spotlight: Sally Erickson

One of our favourite things is hearing from our members about how our program has helped them build their speaking confidence and achieve an important professional or personal speaking milestone, like being more vocal at work or delivering a big presentation.

That’s why, we created our Speaker Spotlight Series. To celebrate members who’ve participated in our training and have gone on to reach a speaking goal that – at one point, – felt virtually impossible due to the intense feelings of nervousness and anxiety they experienced while speaking.

Today’s Speaker Spotlight celebrates Sally Erickson💪🏼.


What do you do for work?

I’m a technical writer at Microsoft. So I write online articles that help people use Power Apps.

Why is having strong communication skills so important in your role?

Communication skills are important for any role that you’re in. I’m a writer, so I’m really good at written communication. However, I’m also a severe introvert. So I struggle with talking to people. I signed up for Speak for Success because I want to get better at talking to customers, coworkers, and even our management team.

How has Speak for Success helped you improve?

I really enjoy the online lessons. But the most helpful part for me is the practice sessions. You can only get better with practice! So at the practice sessions, I talk to real, live people. And those real, live people give me feedback on how I can get better.

What advice do you have for people just starting to work on their communication skills?

I have two pieces of advice. The first one is to practice! Practice always makes you better. It’s a guaranteed way to get better. 

And the second one is I’d encourage you to try something new. Like I said, I was a severe introvert, so talking to people has actually helped me get better.

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