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Speaker Spotlight: Aditi Thatte

We love whenever our members share about how our program has helped them build their speaking confidence and achieve an important professional or personal speaking milestone.

Speaker Spotlight Series celebrates members who’ve participated in our training and have gone on to reach a speaking goal that – at one point, – felt virtually impossible due to the intense feelings of nervousness and anxiety they experienced while speaking.

Today’s Speaker Spotlight showcases Aditi Thatte and her journey 💡.

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What do you do for work?

I work as a project manager and a business analyst for an insurance company based here in Vancouver. Almost 90% of what I do on a daily basis is communication via written communication or oral communication. 

Why is having strong communication skills so important in your role?

Good communication is a vital component of what I do daily. Strong communication helps me set clear goals, gets everyone on the same page and helps me build trust with my clients, stakeholders and business teams.

What motivated you to start working on your communication skills?

Over the years, I have realized the experience of tailoring your communication style. Depending on the audience, there is no one shoe that fits all. And since I work with such a varied audience, from software developers to stakeholders and stakeholders to even the company executive team, I really have to tailor my audio and my communication depending on who I’m talking to or who I’m working with. And that is key to what I do. And that is what inspired me to start working and actively start working on bettering and improving my communication skills.

What advice do you have for people just starting to work on their communication skills?

I mentioned two techniques here; the first is finding my vocal style. It has helped me improve my communication skills, especially pausing and pacing. And because I’m a naturally fast speaker, slowing down the pace has an even pause. They both helped me communicate more clearly and succinctly, take the audience’s pulse and see how engaged the audience is in my content. The second technique I found handy is the prep method. That is point, reason, example and point. And this comes in handy when I’m giving my opinions about something because then I can support my opinion with a real example. And that helps get the point across in a very tangible way. I started presenting recently to the company executive team every week. That has been a great exposure for me as a project manager and budding project manager.

How has Speak for Success helped you improve?

Another thing I want to mention here is speaking with diverse groups and a diverse audience through the practice sessions of Speak for Success and learning about new techniques. It has just made me more confident about public speaking. And for me, that itself is an accomplishment. If I did try out different techniques, have fun experimenting with different styles until you find your own. You may feel anxious at the beginning. I know I did. But keep at it, keep practicing, and with time you will get better, and you’ll soon realize that, hey, it’s not that bad.

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