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7 Transition Words To Add To Your Vocabulary

Do You Optimize Your Vocabulary?

Just like anything in life, over time we become comfortable in our own vocabulary. This means that we form ‘go-to’ words and phrases we tend to use frequently. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with forming a “comfort word bank,” expanding our vocabulary can help us deliver more clear and concise messages.

Remember when we discussed Crutch Words? Words that over saturate our sentences and can make our delivery confusing? Those are great examples of comfort words we use daily.

Today we’ll be doing almost the exact opposite – suggesting additions to your vocabulary in the form of transition words that’ll help you feel more confident and credible while Public Speaking.

These words can increase your audience’s engagement when it comes to their reception and retention.

Here are some transition words and phrases you can put to use the next time your find yourself participating in a Public Speaking opportunity.

  1. Additionally
  2. To build on that…
  3. Alternatively
  4. More importantly…
  5. In other words…
  6. Therefore
  7. The key takeaway is…

These words and phrases can help your audience recognize additional information, clarification, and the messages you’re delivering that require more emphasis or are of greater importance.

The bottom line is Words Matter, however, it’s important that we learn how to use our words in a way that’ll enhance our message and help us connect with our audience.

Do you have a “comfort word bank” you tend to fall back on?

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