Speak with confidence

so you can Lead That Big Project.Get That Promotion.Manage Your Team.Get That Raise.

Join over 500 women who have started their public speaking and communications journey with us!

Women on zoom meeting with Speak for Success

Speak with confidence so you can Feel More Confident.Lead That Big Project.Get That Promotion.Manage Your Team.Get That Raise.

Join over 500 women who have started their public speaking and communications journey with us! 

Women on zoom meeting with Speak for Success

Trusted by women who work at companies across North America

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What if you felt confident enough to say ‘yes’ to any speaking opportunity that came your way?

You know your fear of speaking up is keeping you from becoming the person you want to be at work. You’re sick of shying away from leadership opportunities. And, when you do say ‘yes’, you’re tired of feeling nervous for days in advance. Something’s gotta change. But what? 

We can help you overcome your speaking anxiety.

Our annual membership program will take you from feeling nervous and anxious to feeling confident, willing, and able to say ‘yes’ to those high visibility projects and important leadership opportunities that require public speaking and strong communication skills so you can:

Ready to say bye to speaking anxiety?

If you’re ready to say goodbye to speaking anxiety and all the stress, sweat, and self-doubt that comes with it then you’re in the right place

What to expect when you become a member

Learn the practical, day-to-day communication skills that matter most.

With us, you’ll learn the practical public speaking and communication skills that matter most in the workplace like:

  • How to project confidence (even when you don’t feel that confident)
  • How to present and answer impromptu questions without going ‘blank’
  • How to set boundaries by managing expectations and saying ‘no’

…and so much more.

Practice your speaking skills in a fun, safe and supportive environment.

We know speaking can be intimidating. That’s why we made our training fun, safe and super supportive. So you can feel comfortable:

  • Exploring your abilities and putting your new skills into practice 
  • Getting out of your comfort zone by trying new techniques 
  • Making mistakes (lots of them!) and receiving feedback for how you can improve

…all in a low-stakes environment under the guidance and support of a facilitator.

Join a growing community of incredibly supportive women.

Our diverse community of women all share the same goal: to improve their public speaking and communications skills all while having fun and supporting each other along the way. By being part of the community, you’ll be able to: 

  • Build relationships and network with like-minded women
  • Receive peer-to-peer feedback
  • Work on improving your skills alongside a group

…so you can be supported throughout your entire learning journey.

Get certified (because, Linkedin).

When you become a member you’ll have the opportunity to move through the program at your own pace as you work towards obtaining your certificate in Public Speaking & Communications.

Not that you’re into bragging, but showcasing your hard work, professional development and leadership skills on Linkedin can strengthen your CV.

Build your speaking confidence in three easy steps

Communication is a skill that can only be honed through ongoing practice and support. With us, you’ll have ongoing opportunities to learn, practice, and apply your public speaking and communications skills.

Step 1. Learn. Review the practical, on-demand lessons and resources in the curriculum to learn new concepts, strategies, and techniques.

Step 2. Practice. Attend our professionally facilitated Practice Sessions (2-3/month) to put learned skills into practice in a fun, low-stakes environment.

Step 3. Apply. Apply the skills in the workplace, then report back on how it went and discuss any challenges at the next Practice Session.

…and repeat!

After just a few cycles, you’ll start to experience: 

Increased Confidence

Improved Leadership Skills

Professional Growth

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